Located in Houston, Texas, TDS. Established in 1985, Tariff Data Systems, Inc. has been professionally managing and maintaining tariffs for some of the world's largest Ocean Carriers and Ocean Transportation Intermediaries. In 1998, TDS sought an opportunity to utilize the new wave of technological advances. Changes brought on by The Ocean Shipping Reform Act (O.S.R.A) allowed TDS to realize that opportunity with the Development of Tariff Link™, our electronic tariff retrieval application.

March of 2000, TDS joined forces with Elite Computer Consultants, Inc (ECOM) partnering decades of software development expertise with over 25 years experience in the ocean transportation industry. A full time programming team, utilizing cutting edge technology, soon became the driving force behind Tariff Link™ Web. This new automated tariff system has since become the most powerful and comprehensive Internet based tariff retrieval applications on the market.

Tariff Management

PicAs outlined by the Federal Maritime Commission, all common carriers and conferences shall keep open for public inspection, in automated tariff systems, tariffs showing all rates, charges, classifications, rules, and practices between all points or ports on their own routes and on any through transportation route that has been established (see our tariffs section for more information).
TDS, as an ocean transportation service provider, has developed Tariff Link™ Web, our automated tariff system that meets all OSRA (1998 Ocean Shipping Reform Act) requirements and specifications. TDS' primary responsibility is to manage the transfer and input of client data into Tariff Link™ Web, making the clients tariff information available electronically.

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PicTariff Data Systems prides itself on maintaining constant communication with our clients. Customers are regularly notified of changes within FMC rules or regulations. TDS strives to ensure that each of our clients are fully compliant with all guidelines. Our consulting services include providing instructions and necessary procedures involved in establishing new tariffs and conversion of existing tariffs.

Assistance is available with all aspects of tariff filing, including rates, rules, service contracts, and inland tables. Our consulting staff has over 30 years experience with the Federal Maritime Commission Rules, Regulations and Customer Service (see our license section for more information).


Tariff Access

PicTARIFF LINK™ WEB has revolutionized tariff management by allowing clients to access their rates and tariffs via the Internet. Tariff Link allows users to examine each level of tariff information as well has explore tariff history by means of access date controls. Advanced search capabilities offer fast access to commodity rates. With TDS and Tariff Link™, rate management has never been easier.

Our on-line rate and rule filing request pages provide confirmation that a request has been automatically submitted to the TDS Publishing Department. Once tariff rates, rules, inland tables, and service contract filings are received, the data is assessed, and then logged into the Tariff Link™ Web system. Upon entry, all information is updated to our web server and is immediately available on line in minutes. This allows clients access to complete and current tariff information at all times.