Tariff Link™ Web

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Tariff Link™ Web is an Internet based tariff retrieval application and rate management tool developed to house and maintain tariffs for Ocean Transportation Industry. Tariff Link™ is now available WORLDWIDE via the Internet. Clients can access their tariffs from the REGISTERED USERS link and login with an assigned user and password. Once logged on, users will be able to navigate through their entire tariff for easy research and tariff management. Tariff Link™ is the most comprehensive tariff retrieval tool available.



Tariff Link™ was designed to improve services and productivity. For this reason, our developers created the program to function effortlessly on the user level.

Clients can easily access:
  • - Origin, Destination Scope and location groups
  • - Tariff Rules
    - Convenient Commodity Index List
    - Commodities, Tariff Rate Items, all applicable notes, additional surcharges and arbitraries from TRI level
    - Service Contracts
    - History is available from every tariff level for fast retrieval

    Other features include:
    - Rate Search by commodity description and/or commodity number
    - On line Rate and Rule Filing requests forms which accesses user's applicable tariff
    - Service Contract search by contract number and Shipper name
    - Multiple User Access

    FMC and OSRA

    Tariff Link™ is fully compliant with all FMC rules and regulations as specified in the 1998 Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA).



Tariff Data Systems, as required by the FMC, has made provisions within Tariff Link™ for public access. TDS, however, does not compromise our client's confidentiality. Public access users must be assigned a login and password granting admittance to the tariff management system. TDS endeavors to ensure the security and privacy of our customers. Our primary goal is to provide the most comprehensive tariff publishing service available while maintaining the integrity our clients have come to rely on. Click here to get started.

OSRA Regulations:

The OCEAN SHIPPING REFORM ACT (OSRA) of 1998 states that; except for exempt commodities, common carriers and conferences shall maintain an automated tariff system showing all of their rates, terms and charges. These tariffs shall be made available electronically to any person through appropriate access from remote locations and are subject to inspection by the FMC. A reasonable charge may be assessed for such access (except for the FMC). More information and the full text of the bill are available at the Library of Congress. A complete listing of Carriers, Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (O.T.I), Organization numbers and location of tariffs are available at www.fmc.gov - TDS suggests that you confirm that Tariff Data Systems, Inc. in fact, publishes the tariff that you are inquiring about.


Beginning on the effective date of this agreement, Tariff Data Systems, Inc. will invoice monthly for all access fees incurred. Access fees are due on receipt of invoice. Invoices that become past due will incur an additional charge of 1 ½% per month, or the highest legal rate, whichever is lower. Tariff Data Systems may terminate this agreement and suspend access to the Tariff-Link system until account is made current. Should TDS be required to reinstate access due to late payment, a fee of $25.00 will be required in advance.


An access fee will be charged on a per minute basis at $10.50 per minute, subject to a $100.00 per month minimum. Tariff Data Systems, Inc. reserves the right to increase this fee upon thirty days written notice to customer.