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Tariff Data Systems

Located in Houston, Texas

35+ Years of Experience

Since opening our doors in 1985, Tariff Data Systems has been professionally managing and maintaining tariffs for some of the world's largest Ocean Carriers and Ocean Transportation Intermediaries.


Tariff Management

As outlined by the Federal Maritime Commission, all common carriers and conferences shall keep open for public inspection, in automated tariff systems, tariffs showing all rates, charges, classifications, rules, and practices between all points or ports on their own routes and on any through transportation route that has been established. 

TDS, as an ocean transportation service provider, has developed Tariff Link™ Web, our automated tariff management system that meets all OSRA (1998 Ocean Shipping Reform Act) requirements and specifications.

TDS' primary responsibility is to manage the transfer and input of client data into Tariff Link™ Web, making the clients tariff information available electronically.

Introductory Consultation

Our introductory consulting services include providing instructions and necessary procedures involved in establishing new tariffs and the conversion of existing tariffs.  TDS strives to ensure that each of our clients are fully compliant with all regulations.

We pride ourselves on maintaining constant communication with our clients. Existing customers are regularly notified of changes within FMC rules or regulations. Assistance is available to established customers with all aspects of tariff filing, including rates, rules, and service contracts. 


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Houston, Texas


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